Brainwashing and critical thinking

I don’t know critical thinking is a skill or an ability but I doubt that that have it. Today, after reading an article about brainwashing, I think there is a connection of these two aspects. I’m sure that I’ve been totally brainwashed like others of my generation who were born after war. Needless to say, people who are from other societies might easily understand what I’m talking about. Earlier, I’ve recognized that when looking at a problem I usually have one way of thinking. The education system (above all the political system) is to blame for generations of students who are less and less creative. But then, that is just easy thing I’m able to recognize so far. People who care a little about our society can see the failure of not only in the economy but also the corruption of cultural values of the country. Horrible news appear everyday in every category of the society.


Some thoughts

I’ve recently recognized that peer pressure is every where and it has much influence to those who unconsciously know it. It can be good or bad at the same time depending on how one takes it into action. It can be a propeller to push us ahead in order to defeat our peers or it can be an anchor. My assumption is that everyone wants himself to be the best or better among his peers or at least at equal level. I think this also links to the equation of happiness, [Happy = Reality - Expectation]. He will be happy if he can outdo everyone else in the class as his (or other people’s) expectation. Unhappiness happens when his achievement is smaller than his goal. In order to avoid such nasty pressure, we have to know our ability, our strength or what we can do. More importantly, we need to learn to accept the reality and not to set unachievable goals.


Wheat gluten

I made (extracted) wheat gluten the first time this afternoon. It’s quite simple with three steps. You can find some clips on YouTube showing you how to do exactly. Here are the main things.
Making dough: 1/2 kg wheat flour, 300ml water and some salt.
Incubation: 2 hours.
Washing dough in water until the water clear (keep the washing water to extract again non-gluten dough).
Finally I have some phyto-protein here. Okay, who needs to kill animals for meat? I heard that it’s better with the whole wheat flour. It doesn’t look fancy, it’s like plastic but it can totally replace meat. There are many ways to make delicious dishes from this. It all depends on your cooking skills.



I’ve felt bored and unhappy inside. I ask myself why I’m here. I’ve felt lost.
This photo was taken this evening at the Yoga club and it doesn’t show my mood.


It’s been a month

It’s been a month since the last entry. I feel guilty as charged. I could sit down and type something but I just delayed for many times. Everything is still fine and there is nothing special. Only time goes so fast.

I’ve took time to follow some free online courses from Coursera.¬†I’ve just finished Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression and I have one more week to submit the writing assignment. However, I’m debating myself whether I need to submit this final test because I think that learning is for knowledge, not for certificate. I’ve really been enjoy this course and I got my knowledge expanded. There are many thing but I want to tell you an example. It is interesting to know that People who were born (to be exact that their mothers got pregnant) during the Dutch Famine in 1944-1945 can now suffer from cardiovascular diseases, overweight or diabetes. (This made me think of Peter from Tippin’ the Scales¬†however it’s not the case because he’s not 68 or 69). An example in bees may be easier to understand. Do you know why the queen bee is the different from others although they are genetically identical? It’s because the selected bee (to be the queen) was fed the Royal Jelly. This special food switches the normal baby bee to the queen which is bigger than others and only her able to lay eggs. I don’t want to confuse you with molecular mechanisms in it but you can see how important not only the genomes but the environment and food for the mothers and their babies. Of course, there are many researches showed that our grandparents and parents not only passed on us their genomes, their life styles can really affect our life. Diseases and cancers It is fascinating to me that these things can be explained so clearly under the light of science.

Another course I participate is Virology which is in the second week. I will take it seriously for the sake of knowledge.

This is me this morning (shaved) and yesterday (unshaved in a week, looked terrible :D )

2013-08-12 07.08.15