This is such a traditional country, people are encouraged to wear traditional clothes in public. Last week, after the Eid holiday (the holiday for celebration of finishing Ramadan), we came back to work. Two Saudi workmates wore their formal clothes. Personally, I really like taking their photos, especially their traditional costumes so I suggested them to do that. I got their beautiful pictures standing by fruitful date palms.
This is the formal men’s head wear in Saudi Arabia, another version is in white.  I was wearing lab gown so I had to cover it otherwise it will look ridiculous. I got some negative comments from friends on Facebook but I don’t really care about these people’s. I don’t know whether they’ve ever tried anything new even just for taking a picture.


I have a dimpleĀ 

Today is my birthday. As usual, nothing special except many wishes from friends on Facebook. I closed my Timeline yesterday in order to avoid the wave of wishes but they still send me private messages and comment under today selfie. I took this photo when waiting for the bus going to work. This angel clearly shows my only dimple. I looked happy šŸ˜Š 


Being differentĀ 

This was about a song (Oops! . . . I did it again, originally performed by Britney Spears) remade in Postmodern Jukebox style by Scott Bradlee. He’s talented, I love his music and his style. However, I just don’t like the singer’s voice in the video. I was the only one who said differently and here’s the response. I’ve found it ridiculously funny. 


How do I feel when having whiskers?

Looking this morning selfie when waiting for the bus to work I feel horrible because I look so old and my skin is so rough. All of my friends in Vietnam think that this looking isn’t suitable for me, that I look too old and more like an Arabian. However, unlike looking at the photo, looking myself in the mirror in this morning, I feel really happy and confident with what I have so far, well groomed hair, smooth skin and sexy whiskers. Recently, I pay more attention of taking care of my skin and my hair. I use body lotion, hair mask and hair cream. I’ve never used these products before because I thought I would look manly with rough skin. I’ve changed my mind, I should love and take care of myself and it doesn’t hurt anyone. 

I think I will never have sideburns because they don’t have in my DNA. So I will go with whiskers and goatees only. So far, I don’t know what I should do with them except trimming a little bit of the upper lip side because I have problem when eating. My father or my older brother doesn’t sport such things so I can’t learn from them. I search on the Internet for how to take care of beards. So far, I really want to try beard oil (although I don’t feel itchy) because it’d help to grow beards thicker. However, I can’t find any oil in the local supermarket. I have to be patient and let my hair grow freely. 


It’s good to see them again



These photos were taken 20 years ago. I don’t remember which occasion, maybe the graduation day (we didn’t wear graduation gowns or such things on those days). We studied together three years from 1992 to 1995. Thank to Facebook, I can reconnect to some of them. Good memories come back.Ā It’s so joyful to see our young face again.Ā 

Learning a new language

Thank to Duolingo app, I can keep on practicing Spanish and start to learn Dutch. It’s common that many people can learn several languages simultaneously. My friend learns four languages at a time, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and German. Install the app on your smart phone, set a goal (for example, 20 points or 50 points a day) and you can start learning everyday. It doesn’t require too much time. I don’t worry what I can achieve but I let my unconscious mind work itself. The app reminds which skill should I revise, base on my every day exercises. So far, I’ve found that Dutch is not too difficult as I thought. There are many words like English. The verb conjugation is not as many as Spanish or French. Even the Spanish grammar is quite complicated, with Duolingo I could get into it quite easily. Maybe I have the background with English and French. I think that’s why many people can speak many languages.