The new year has come

We got to my friend’s at 5am, on the first day of the Lunar New Year. My first impression of Saigon was quietness. People had gone for a long holiday.
On the last six days we visited Hue citadel, Phong Nha cave and Nha Trang beach city. I wasn’t impressed much with Hue even it’s my first time. I rode bicycle whole morning around the the citadel and along Huong (Perfume) River. I met my former workmates and we had Royal Oolong Tea, it’s a fantastic drinking. Phong Nha cave (belongs to National Park, World Heritage Center) is absolutely beautiful. I believe that no words can describe enough its beauty but the silence. I’ve heard there are more beautiful caves nearby (Paradise cave and Son Doong cave) but my friend was tired and we felt enough. From Quang Binh to Nha Trang, we took North-South Railway, it’s my first time on this train, it’s quite a nice experience and I’m glad that I didn’t get sick because of its noise and turbulence. Imagine that my train was like one in a movie back in 50s or something like that. It’s true that Nha Trang is flooded with Russian tourists. Even in this season and the decrease of 80% of Russian tourists this year (as I’ve heard), I could see them everywhere and about 95% of them in my hotel. Signs and notice boards written in Russian are very popular. Anyway, Nha Trang is beautiful and has good food. We didn’t come here to swim but discover special or recommended dishes. I was always stuffed with delicious food. However, in comparison with other cities (during my trip), I more like Hoi An. We ended our journey at the end of the lunar year. On the train back to Saigon, we got each other a greeting card and lucky money from the Railway Company (because we were their last or first passengers of the year). Here are some pictures I took. You can find more on my Flickr (on the right column of this blog).





Second day in Hoi An

Today after having breakfast, my friend and I, the resort owner and the tour guide and a couple from Sweden, we took our bicycle and rode around villages. The weather was amazingly good. We really enjoyed this tour. It took whole morning. After getting back to the resort, I went to the swimming pool and swam until tired. I took a nap, uploaded photos to Facebook and Flickr and watched the 57th Grammy Awards. In the evening my friend and I went to the center of the town and we tried some special dishes. I was stuffed with good food. Just another great day.















Hoi An ancient city

Today, my friend and I flew from Ho Chi Minh city to Da Nang. It only took us one hour. We were picked up at the airport and driven to the East West Villas. We stay in a beautiful room. Then we rode bicycles to the center of the ancient city. I ate many special dishes around the streets. We are so lucky that the weather is so beautiful. It’s such a wonderful day. It’s my first time. There are so many tourists. I posted many photos on Facebook, Flickr and a video on YouTube. Here are some of them.






Class reunion

Yesterday I went to meet my Vet classmates. It was fun after 15 years of graduation. They’ve changed so much. They have family and kids. It’s good to catch up with them. It’s near the Tet holiday so there were not many. Some ones I expected to see but they couldn’t come.


Day three

We repeated exactly what we did in day two. It’s the last day of this trip. In the evening, we went to a cafe and waited for our bus. It’s quite a productive day since we read and discussed a lot.
I composed this entry after we got home at 4 am. It’s a good trip.



Day two

I had a great breakfast at the resort and then went swimming. The water was warmed overnight. After that we went back to our room, took a nap and read books. It’s fantastic. These pictures were taken by my friend.